Saturday, July 19, 2008

"ABC drumming"

I found out today, thanks to Karen and her wonderful connections, that my son is normal.

Developmentally, that is.

I wasn't super worried that there was something wrong with his speech seeing as he can say "tapioca" clear as day (and it's awfully adorable)... but I was curious about how he puts "-in" at the end of MANY words, and also switches his words around like he is speaking another language.

For example- headin, handin, hottin, coldin, beddin, footin... and "tapioca some" instead of "some tapioca". Or, "Blanket put away" in place of "Put away blanket."

Yay for being developmentally normal!

It was nice to have a visit from Karen, and her wonderful boy Calobin (Caleb) today. They totally saved me! I was going nuts!

We were hanging out and I realized it was 8:09pm already! I wanted to keep playing, but our boys definitely needed to be put to bed. After my friends left Trevor helped me put his toys away and then held my hand for the walk down the hall. Before I had a chance to say, "OK now get in bed..." he plopped down on his bed like he was spent. He bounced a little and jabbered once I turned the light on so I could arrange things (he likes to take his pillow and blanket into the living room [office] area), but stayed on his bed.

When I went to give him his last kisses and hugs he asked, "ABC's Mommy?"

There was no way I would deny my child that! Even if it was 11:30pm! Haha.

Once I started singing he threw his hand playfully in the air and started flickering his fingers all different ways (his version of the sign language ABC's). I joined in (doing them correctly, of course) and he shot up like a rocket. He was so excited and smiley he looked like I had granted him his one true wish. It was awesome!!

We sang it about 4 times, and signed each time, when he started drumming on the bed. He was following my beat :).

I stopped amidst L-M-N-O to see if I would throw him off...

What did he do? He looked at me, beat once on the bed, and said "P!"

Oh, could I be anymore proud of my little two year old? His favorite letter (so far) is "w". He always points them out in words, and will point at "M's", too... thinking they are "w's".

The last round of ABC's he said every letter after me. I love that.

I told him it was time to go to sleep and he went to kiss me but stopped, looked at me, and said, "Lion?"

"Would you like me to get Lionel for you?"

::He nodded::

I returned and handed him Lionel, the lion teething toy (even though he's not teething anymore he loves that toy), and again proceeded to kiss him. He looked at me again and said, "Lemoo?"

"You want your lemur, too? Wow... OK... hold on I will be right back..."

I playfully trudged out the door and I could hear him laughing so genuinely. He was (is) one happy kid. I got back and he squealed (yes squealed) and grabbed for Lemoo. He plopped, once again, down on his bed and reached an arm out for a hug. I hugged him, and before I could back away he pulled me in for a smooch.

I LOVE nights like this. LOVE. :D