Thursday, July 17, 2008



I said I was going to post pictures of Six Flags. I will. Posting pictures on this blog is such a pain sometimes. Really.

Also, I have an essay to write for school. It's due by the end of the month- how much you wanna bet I don't start it until the 28th? OK you would lose that bet because technically I have already started it... but not really.

It's just so hard to interview automated answering machines... I mean... It just doesn't work.

"Hello, thank you for calling (___name of shelter__). For adoption services press 1. For animal control services press 2..."

How am I supposed to get anything accomplished? I guess I could email these places, but for once I would prefer to speak to a real person. What's the stinkin' world coming to? And I HATE talking on the phone- but as far as interviews go I would like to HEAR how a person really feels about something.

Statistics are so flat. Granted, that's what my essay is supposed to be... but when have I ever written like I am supposed to? Practically never. It's a good thing I have a relative sense of humor or I would have failed English every year.

...Here's to procrastination and all it's glory! ::Lifts imaginary pint of Guinness Draft::