Monday, November 8, 2010


We feed our dogs every night at 7:30pm. When it's getting close to "that time" my dog, Vince, will sit very diligently and stare at me. Just stare. And sit.

If we happen to be in our bedroom, and I notice him staring at me, I'll glance at the clock to double check the time, naturally.

Tonight, since daylight savings happened, my dog started staring at me around 6:15pm. Though, this time instead of simply staring at me he would glance at the clock, then look at me, then at the clock, then at the closet door that his food waits behind.

I told him it wasn't 7:30 yet, and he would have to wait.

He licked his chops, looked at the clock, and back at me as if to say, "Hey Mom, c'mon... seriously? It's dinner time. You and I both know this fact. So make with the food already woman."

Sometimes this dog is too funny for words. He looked at the clock like he could tell the time, and that made me chuckle. Thought I'd share.