Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Addition!

So, yesterday's post got me thinkin' a little more about life... funny how that happens, eh?

It came to my attention that the first thing that completely changed my life was attempting to remove the word "hate" from my vocabulary.  Is it a big deal?  You bet.  Was it hard?  Still is.

If you catch yourself saying it- take it back.  I usually spit out something along these lines, "Oh I hate it when that happens! ...I mean... I REALLY don't like it!!"

Most likely, it bugs people when I do that, but I have a reason for it... and I will always do it- for the rest of my life I'd imagine.  I wish I could just stop saying the word forever but it's a HUGE part of today's vocabulary.  T'is a word that will never go away, but should.  Though I'd imagine if it went away it would be replaced with something worse.

Or better.

I like to think better.  You know me.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.