Sunday, March 13, 2011

Confession Time

Ya know, I just haven't been able to set a price for my artwork yet. It's frustrating! I am really excited to put the items up but honestly- truly- I have no idea what to charge.

I certainly have a goal, yes... but is it reasonable? Is it rational? Does it have to be reasonable and rational? Why can't I just put the price I want on my work?

You see, it's a matter of balance. I know deep in my heart that I put my all into these pieces, and I love them. So, I want to make the price higher because I put a lot of myself and time into them, and I love them. I. I want someone else to love them as much as I do, and thusly "collect" and item or two. But is that too much, too selfish?

On the other hand, I have the interest to charge less because I want, perhaps, my friends to purchase one if they like it- and not feel obligated to pay a lot more.

I just have NO IDEA. I thought of doing an auction, but I don't believe that is an option on

I can also price a few of the pieces high, and a few of the pieces low... or make the prices negotiable... but I just can't settle on anything.

I need help with this, anyone have any suggestions? ;)