Saturday, February 23, 2008

That Thing

In the passed 9 days I have felt more clear (physically, mentally, spiritually) than I have in my entire life.

I completely attribute it to taking meat out of my diet. When a "major" decision like this is made and the end result is clarification- I have no problem when ::cough::judgemental::cough:: people say things about how it's "silly" or "pointless". I have put the word "major" in quotations because most people consider something like that huge- but to me it was not. I barely ate meat in the last 2 yrs anyway.

My favorite is when people tell me I will get sick and need to take so many vitamins. They seem to enjoy sharing others' pains with me (i.e.- my cousin blah blah blah sick all the time blah blah lost weight yadda yadda started eating meat again...).

My vegetarianism has also been referred to as "that thing" as well.

"Oh, we did that thing for a few years."

It's not a thing to me. It's a lifestyle. It's a position. It's power. It's peace. It's health. It's clarity, justice, and above all else, better for me.

Why is it others find they need to tell you what's in your best interest? That always make me smile and be thankful for who I really am.

A good person.

Thanks for reading...