Monday, February 18, 2008


Ever feel like so much is happening all at once, but nothing at all really is?

Life tosses lemons, then water balloons, then tomatoes, then grenades, then atom bombs.
But when all has exploded and the dust clears-

Everything is the same.

My support system, my stress level, my tv shows, my dog.
All back to the way they were.

It's frustrating- yet relieving.

Nothing changes, but that means nothing has gotten worse... I guess.

It's all fleeting. There will always be weight on my shoulders no matter where I may live, whom I may love, or which roads I choose to walk.

As long as it's not coming and going- I think I can live with the guarantee that it will always be there, and always be the same.

(And if anyone has any idea what I am talking about- I would love to know, that was sort of a free write).