Thursday, June 19, 2008

I wouldn't dare say that very few people know the "real me". This is because of the fact I rarely act like anything other than myself. Once you're my friend- you know I am weird.

There are a few people, however, on this planet that have without a doubt truly gotten to know [and relatively understand] the REAL me.

This blog is dedicated to you- my most dear and loved friends. The ones that may have been lost for a few years here and there, but always managed to return with a smile. The ones that have come to me by chance or fate. The ones.


There is one thing in this world that will never, ever fail to make me smile. That is you- showing me- you are a part of my life. Via text, email, phone call, IM, letter, card... You get the idea.

So as you read this, if you know me and aren't one of the happenchancepasserbys, know that you are truly appreciated. And loved.

Thank you.