Saturday, June 21, 2008


I like that the movie "Cars" by Disney/Pixar has music playing in the background through almost the entire thing... but not like real background music... like when he's in Radiator Springs paving the road it sounds as though one of the stores has music playing through a PA.

It's clever.

As you may have guessed I am getting back to my normal self. The last few days were a fight within myself- and as it was predicted by many people who know me- I was strong enough to get rid of the funk. The monster. The hell that was inside.

It's gone. I know it will come back, but in the meantime I will sit here with a triumphant smile on my face. I know I am strong...


In other news, Chelsea and Joel got new tattoos and OF COURSE that makes me want another one. I am always game. So, it's either a Tiffany's necklace (that I have wanted for almost 2 years), a tattoo, or spending money in Boston. LOL. So many wonderful things to waste my money on.

I have to try and save. ::sigh:: It's so hard!!!!