Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maturity? Growth? Wisdom? Irritating.

I. Am. Neurotic.

Jeeze, I just now figured it out.

Well, to be fair I am sure a lot of what goes on in my mind happens in other minds- but is it ALWAYS in the same dang order? My thought processes: beautiful, mythical, creational (is that even a word?), happy, fun, loving, etc... but wow...

I always break things down and build things in the same way.

I was folding clothes not ten minutes ago.

Big pile of clothes on the bed.

I pull out the dark towels first. Then the light. Then the white. Each I fold the exact same way.

Next, I hang assorted clothings (thank goodness I don't have the patience to pick the shirts out first, then pants, etc... this stuff I just go with whatever is on top). The kicker here though- they all face the same direction.

When I proceed to hang said same-way-facing-articles-of-clothing it's one pieces, long sleeves, mid sleeves, short sleeves, tanks, undertanks pants shorts skirts.

What's going on in my mind while I am doing this? Absolutely nothing that has to do with laundry.

I like it.

I do this with a buncha stuff. Like where I put my cards in my wallet, how I fold and count money, how I organize my art supplies. Lo and Behold...

Just one of those things that slipped my attention for 26 years.

I always believed I was a scatter brained,, kind of mind.

:::SIDENOTE (well, footnote):::
Neurotic was most likely the wrong word. The title has nothing to do with the post. This is quite possibly the lamest, most lame- excuse me, post I have written.