Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Most Thankful Thursday

Seeing as I missed last week's because I was on a stellar trip to Utah and back (in 3 days, hehe)... here's a mightier list of what I am thankful for.

1. Having the guts to email my dad after 2 years of not speaking
2. Dad responding back, and leading into a wonderful phone call
3. Starting work FOR REAL tomorrow!!
4. Random text messages from friends
5. My new white dress. Way sexy.
6. Matt, and his ability to always make me smile.
7. Wonderful dogs.
8. Good roommates.
9. Oober comfy bed
10. My art wall!
11. Fish Wrangler on Facebook. Way addicting, but I love it nonetheless.
12. AcidPro. I made my first song the other night, and Matt made one that's so good!!
13. Exclamation points. They never cease to make me read a sentence twice.
14. Having friends come back into my life, from the past.
15. Love! (and way good ::ahem:: sex)

Oh goodness... I should probably stop now before my mind starts wandering ::giggle::.

Thanks for tuning in. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday...and Friday... and Saturday... and you get the idea.

::high five::
GypsyGinn (trying out a new nickname)