Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Make Do.

What happens when your world suddenly turns on a dime?
What happens when that dime is all you have?

You make do.

Choose what you wish to believe, the power inside of me is beginning to break free and become known to the world.

I have spirit. I have strength. I have humility and forgiveness. I have acceptance, and above all I have faith in the power to stay positive. As well as faith in many other things (and people).

The path is twisted, dark, and scary at times. It's a good thing I have my lantern, my love, my dogs, and my breathing. I am walking toward a bigger and better solution that is currently out of site. I am patient, even though I can't see it, I know it is there.

I will bide my time by writing lyrics in my mind, and if I am lucky I'll get them down somewhere.

I feel a greater purpose for my life. I feel a greater strength in myself- one I never thought possible.

Steady as we go, there's no need to rush. All things will be discovered in time. I have no doubt that truth and honesty prevail. In my heart, I believe perfection is the pursuit of wholeness... and I discovered along that way that perfection has been imperfect the entire time! Isn't that a riot?

I have no intention of saying I know more than you. I have no intention of making it appear that I know more than you. I know less than many.

But what I feel.... how I feel...

I wish more (I wish all) would join me.

I have been writing in these vague philosophical manners because it's the best I can do. I am going through something gigantic and honestly, it's fun to write like this. Generally speaking, it's fun to write no matter what- but having a little timeless spin on it makes me happy.

So there ya go.