Friday, February 8, 2008

::deep breath::

I could sit here and type word for word everything that was said during a "pow wow" that the inlaws ordered, but here's the nutshell:

Nothing was accomplished.

They explained that they didn't want my Mom's picture getting damaged so they put it under that stuff instead of on top. UH, there are probably 300 different places they could have put it where it "wouldn't get broken".

OH YA! Apparently it was discussed before we moved in that the den was ours to "do what ever we wanted with" but the living room was theirs, and we couldn't decorate any of it. It's for their things. BMIL (B stands for beastly) even said she didn't like the way the furniture was arranged and they wanted it moved back. Fine whatever. FIL said, "We just like to have a place to put our stuff." In my head I screamed, "THAT'S WHY YOU HAVE THE MASTER BEDROOM. PUT YOUR $h!T THERE." I kept it inside.

They told us they decided they wanted to master bedroom because of this and that- and blah blah blah. I was pretty much biting my tongue and screaming in my head the whole time so all I heard was, "This is our house...".

I simply said, "This may be your house, but it's OUR home."

Then FIL said, "It's our home too!" HAHAHAHAHA. I whispered in Nathan's ear a quick snide remark and BMIL acted like I was in school sharing secrets.

Oh, please... they are just selfish assholes. "Carrie lived here for 3 years!"

Well, she had the master bedroom and they weren't coming up NEARLY as much!! I could live here for that long if I only saw their pathetic faces once every 6 months.

Rant and rave all I want- I guess it doesn't help anything. It just helps justify my thoughts.

I think I gave myself and ulcer holding all my screams in.

I miss Chelsea. I need a good cry.

Oh wait- I almost forgot. Nathan was half asleep during this whole "pow wow" because he works nights. He didn't say much (even in my defense) and when they asked him questions he gave short quick answers (with a tad bit of his classic dry humor). I was a little upset with him that he wasn't rushing to my defense when I would squeeze his hand or something utterly ridiculous was said. He redeemed himself thought- after they walked away he said, let's look to find an apartment by April.

I love my husband. He assured me they have been like this his whole life and nothing will EVER change. He laughed that they said I should try to change (my OCD) when they won't.

Oh well... I am definitely looking for apt's now. We're moving before April, LOL.