Thursday, February 7, 2008

It might just be me.

When the inlaws come to town- everything seems to act buggy.

The internet flicks on and off. Lights pop. My dog whines incessantly. I gain about 8 lbs from eating too much junk (ah, stress). I have major smoke cravings. So on... and so forth.

My poor husband never gets adequate sleep either because NO ONE can be quiet during the day. It's bad enough with a toddler hollerin', but when they start banging cupboards I want to bang their HEADS in the cupboard.

Oh, inlaws- how you drive me insane.
Oh, inlaws- how you hurt my brain.

Also... I agreed to let them take Trevor up to Salt Lake (4 hour drive) on Sunday for the night. Immediately after- I regretted it.

Not that I don't trust them to keep him safe while they are there, put him to bed on time, make sure he listens and doesn't get away with murder... Oh wait... YES I AM!

That- and my father in law is a notoriously TERRIBLE driver. The drive may consist of wet roads, ice, maybe even snow. I am seriously fearing for my son's life.

Nathan assures me everything will be OK. Ya...OK hun... keep telling yourself that. MIL (Mother in law) tells me it will be nice for me to have a night off from my son, and I can relax and spend some time with Nathan. Here's the deal- I will be WORRIED the whole time. It's going to take some serious "persuasion" to get my mind off what could potentially be my son's traumatization.

::mind wanders::

Tonight is bar night. Thank God.