Sunday, February 3, 2008


I have left the lights off in the living room on purpose. The lack of sunlight and relative gloominess outside has lifted (yes lifted) my mood. Here in the desert it doesn't rain as much as I would like it to.

I guess that's why it's a desert. I'm no scientist.

Trevor is engaging in his normal morning mischief... stealing and hiding remotes, zoning out on the television (Little Einsteins), spilling water, shredding paper, etc. In about 30 mins I will start our one on one time... if he wants to. I like to let him tell me when he wants to interact because instead of throwing a fit- he will actually read a book or play a puzzle with me.

My son, oh my son.

He now throws fits on a regular basis. Oh ya- terrible 2's.

He also points to "himself" and then the potty. He says, "pah pah". My kid is ready to be potty trained. Eat your heart out Marilyn. She tried to tell me he won't be ready until he is 3. Please, heh. She said this after she explained that having a "tea party" with my son won't make him feminine and it helps him improve his pouring skills. He can pour elsewhere crazy lady.

That's a whole other can of worms.

We will be transitioning him to a regular bed before he is potty trained though. One thing at a time. I think he'll master the art of staying in bed before peeing standing up without a diaper on- so logically we'll get him in a regular bed first.

I can't believe it's already that time. Woo. He's barely a toddler anymore. He's a kid. An incredibly smart kid (sure I am a little biased, but how can one argue when I very simply ask him to do something and he does it? Such as, "Hey T-Man, can you push that foot stool closer to me so I can put my feet up?")

I love having him throw things away for me, or pick things up off the floor. He even helps with the laundry. Not only is it good for him to learn to help out- it's wonderful for me and my naturally lazy nature. OK, OK... lazy? Let's say "relaxed" nature. That's more like it.

In other news- I have officially opened my online store. Here's the cheap plug: I hope it makes you smile, at least. Then down the line you can buy something...

.................................diaper change brb.......................................

Woo... it's funny when it's cold or rainy outside after I change a diaper. This is because we don't have a diaper pale or anything in the house. We just take the diapers outside and throw them in the big trashcan. Duh. Smart. When it's raining though- not so smart. I am in a tank top, no shoes, and thin pj pants. Just imagine me holding a stinky diaper in one hand, my pant legs in the other, and running like a crazy person around the corner of the house. Then after said diaper is disposed, running back into the house almost breaking my neck because my feet are wet and wet feet + tile floor = near death.

An adventure everyday. Sometimes good, sometimes bad... but I guess that's life.

Alrighty- see ya again soon...