Monday, February 4, 2008

I had a terrible dream last night (or rather, this morning). It wasn't one where I couldn't run fast enough or someone I knew was in danger-

Rather like: I was dying.

In the dream I was lying in my bed, and had SHARP pains in my chest, as well as troubled breathing. Then my whole left leg was riddled with sharp pains causing me to writhe in pain.

I woke up.

My chest was tight and my heart was hurting. I had some serious sharp pains and was about to cry. I felt like I was having a heart attack... well... what I think a heart attack feels like. Then my whole left leg began to ache. My joints felt like they were about to snap from my body.

I was alone, and scared. I wanted to cry out. Instead I laid very still, hoping the stillness would make everything disappear and I would fall back to sleep.

Nope. I couldn't lay still for long. I curled in a little ball, squeezing Seth, and started counting backward from 1,000.

I got back to sleep. Thankfully.

That was some scary shtuff.

Makes you think... "I shouldn't have eaten all that chocolate today, " or, "I really need to get my cholesterol checked.

A few years ago (OK, 4 years ago) my cholesterol was 18 points above what is considered "normal". That's not too much, but considering I haven't done anything to control it (aside from cutting almost all red meats from my diet), my points are probably a little higher than 18 above normal, now.

It took a dream to make me quit smoking, so maybe it takes a dream to get me to exercise, and eat better.

I am always after Nathan to eat better, and exercise- but here I am, having the scary death dream. Sometimes, selflessness leads to distaster. So, take it from me- don't ever forget about yourself.

I hope I don't have any more scary dreams, then scary moments where my real life immediately mimics said scary dreams.



PS- I have to stay healthy... I mean...who could leave this behind?