Friday, February 8, 2008


UGH. It's not they are evil, terrible, unkind, or untrustworthy- it's just that they are so effin' selfish!

We had family pictures (Nathan, Trevor, and I) up on a shelf in the living room and this morning when I got up I noticed they had been moved and a picture of the younger MIL and FIL(motherinlaw,fatherinlaw), alongside an old clock, some candles, and an UGLY -I repeat UGLY- basket of FAKE flowers. There's also a wack looking (and by "wack" I mean extremely cheesy) birdhouse that I think is supposed to be a temple... beside a picture of Trevor on another shelf. Trevor's picture was moved over so it's sort of behind the TV. It can barely be seen.

I hate them. I really hate them.

Also- there's a 5x7 canvas board I had Trevor draw on with crayons, and it's one of my favorite things in the world. That was put in the ugly china case thing hogging a whole wall in the living room, so it could barely be seen. When MY shelf was arranged- it was a focal point!

UGH I want to STRANGLE that awful woman! I took the drawing out and put it in front of another (very similar) clock. If she wants that clock to show I am going to have to open up, let go, and yell at her something along the lines of, "Can we please decide right here and now if you are going to let US live in this house and call it our home? Or if we should find another LESS OCCUPIED place to live."

Sorry, but I have to say it-Fuck them.

OK. I feel a bit better. Alright not really. Still feelin' pretty annoyed.